About UsAbout KAEMS

The one and only independent
Aircraft MRO Provider

KAEMS, designated by the Korean MOLIT as the one and only independent aircraft MRO provider in Korea, is set and ready to provide regional customers with state of art quality service.

As a designated service provider from the Korean Government,
KAEMS ambitiously looks forward to provide nose-to-tail service of the aircraft by 2030.

Superior atmosphere for MRO
as Jinju and Sacheon Aerospace Cluster is under construction Back-shop infra. is fully equipped with 34 aerospace related partners (5,000 employees) nearby
MRO with full-service capability
Through cooperation with global OEMs,
Looks to adapt component, Modification & Upgrades capability
Military/Commercial Synergy
Optimizing Tool/Labor/Infra Synergy
Designated Service Provider from Korean Government
Ministry of Land Infra and Transportation, Dec. 2017